MEDIHEAL is a leading face mask brand of professional cosmetic company, L&P Cosmetic Co., Ltd. The company was established in 2009, inheriting the spirit of Wangseng Chemistry from 1969 founded by the CEO’s mother. To provide professional-level esthetic care at home for customers’ various skin types and conditions, MEDIHEAL has developed a wide variety of face masks and patches with over 200 SKUs. With the headquarters located in Seoul, Korea, the company also operates overseas offices in China and Japan. Continuous and collective efforts, including exporting over 26 countries like China, Japan, Canada, and more, have led to accumulated sales of 1 billion face masks in August 2017, the highest sales volume of a single item ever recorded in the history of Korean cosmetic industry.


As the parent company of Mediheal, the leading face masks provider in over 26 countries globally, L&P Cosmetic will sponsor the first LPGA MEDIHEAL Championship at Lake Merced Golf Club in Daly City, CA this April.

L&P Cosmetic has inherited the spirit of Wangseng Chemistry since 1969 to launch Mediheal as the “Global No.1 Face Mask Brand” that introduces a range of over 200 types of face masks and patches. Our brand aims to provide professional esthetic care at home for each individual’s skin type and conditions. In August 2017, we achieved a cumulative sales of over 1 billion face masks, a remarkable achievement that recorded the highest sales volume of a single item in the history of the Korean cosmetic industry.

In 2017, L&P Cosmetic established the “Mediheal Golf Foundation” to continuously support female golfers to achieve their best athletic abilities. Affiliate golfers, notably So-yeon Ryu, a two-time major winner and champion of the ANA Inspiration and Walmart NW Arkansas Championship in 2017, are actively engaged in the US, Korea, China and Japan.

With the LPGA, our goal is to be an advocate for development in sports and introduce the Mediheal brand to the world stage. The LPGA MEDIHEAL Championship will be our first step to showcase the beauty of South Korea as a nation to a global audience.

As a brand that has been providing beauty to people all over the world, we are proud to be partnering with the LPGA Tour to bring happiness and an unforgettable experience to a global audience.

L&P Cosmetic will work to with the LPGA Tour to grow the international golf industry. We hope you will continue to show interest in our brand as we innovate to become the No.1 Global Leader in the Contact Cosmetics and aim to become one of the world’s Top 10 cosmetic brands.

Thank you.

Chairman and CEO, L&P Cosmetic Co. Ltd
Oh-sub Kwon

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